Europe Guide Project

We are a team of passionate tour guides from Europe who joined forces with an IT company to create this website and a smart travel guide app.

We frequently travel ourselves and strive to share our knowledge with fellow travelers. We aim to help them have a more enjoyable and less stressful experience when exploring European destinations.

We are starting with a short list of European destinations but will quickly expand our coverage. Of course, we will cover the most popular cities like Berlin, London, Rome, and Kraków, but our main focus is primarily on smaller, less known, yet exciting travel destinations. We will help you discover these places and enjoy the best travel experiences they offer.

The purpose of this website is to provide the basic knowledge and inspiration to visit various destinations throughout Europe and help you with planning your trip. Here, you will find interesting facts about European cities and their top attractions, as well as recommended tours and activities provided by our local partners and tested by our team members.

The application is FREE and fully functional without additional paid content. It is designed to replace outdated printed travel guides and has many valuable features. All the content can be downloaded to your device and used without Internet access. It serves as a pocket guide and offers interactive maps and information about popular attractions, activities, and restaurants. Both free and paid audio tours are provided for selected destinations. We encourage you to DOWNLOAD the Europe Guide App as it contains lots of additional information not published on this website. 

For each destination inside the Europe Guide App, you will find:

  • An audio introduction of the city and its top-rated locations and attractions;
  • A brief historical overview;
  • A list of interesting facts;
  • Helpful travel tips;
  • A downloadable map with the most popular attractions, hidden gems and Instagram-worthy spots;
  • A list of recommended things to do, including walking or biking guided tours, theaters, museum and free activities;
  • A list of recommended restaurants, bars, cafés;
  • And much more.

Our message to tourist oriented businesses around Europe.

If you are a local expert or travel industry professional managing a tourist attraction or a whole travel destination, please reach out to us to discuss how we can help expand your online presence and improve your visitors' experience with the Europe Guide App.

Our solution offers a quick, convenient, and cost-effective alternative to outdated conventional guides. It enables various tourist destinations and attractions to expand their visibility and attract more visitors without the hassle of creating and managing custom smartphone applications.

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